Musical Bees!

This past week has probably been the busiest in terms of activities other than class, so I’ve got a lot to write about.

Firstly, and probably least excitingly, was my visit to a local board game club held in one of the most hard to find cafes I have ever actually found.  Fortunately the professor who invited me to go was there to show me where it was–otherwise, I probably would not have been able to figure out that I needed to go through a large double door, to the left, into another door, down a long narrow hallway, then through a set of stairs.  I really have no idea how anyone ever found the place to begin with.

The club itself was pretty cool, though.  They had a massive collection of board games that was remarkably similar to those at the tabletop gaming club at NCSU.  We only had time to play a few games, but the crowd there seemed cool and–weirdly enough–all seemed to speak English as a default, even though most of them seemed to be Czech.  Not sure why that was, but I might go back at some point.

We also visited a bee farm this past week, which was an interesting experience.  After taking a train, a boat, and eating some goulash on the way, we got to see some of their active beehives and learn a lot about the process of beekeeping.  We also got to buy some very strong sweet honey-wine (also known as mead) and some regular honey and honey-chocolate.  I held a tray full of bees from one of the hives at one point, but have had no luck figuring out who took the picture of me on their phone.  Hopefully that will show up on facebook at some point.

Last night, we had our first big cultural event and went to see an opera.  I don’t recall what the Czech name was, but it was an adaptation of The Little Mermaid, by Hans Christian Anderson.  In keeping with the original, everyone makes terrible decisions and ends up dead, cursed, or just sad.  The performance itself was great, and there were English subtitles along with the Czech text of the lyrics on a screen so we could keep abreast of what was going on.  Also, we all got to dress up and buy fancy glasses of wine there, and just generally be classy.  So that was fun.

Progress on my Frankenstein screenplay continues.  I have settled on putting it in South Africa, and am working on doing some setting research and figuring out how to properly diverge from the book while still telling the right story.  This weekend we are going on an excursion to see a castle and go on a wine tasting in a village, so I doubt I will be able to get much work done, but I’ll be brainstorming.

Last random tidbit:  me and some screenwriting people randomly met Tom Burke, the guy who plays Athos (the main character) in the BBC series Musketeers that is currently being filmed in Prague.  He seemed like a really cool guy and let us use his table to talk about screenplay stuff.